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Creative things to do with fairy lights


From solar fairy lights to net fairy lights and even just plain white led fairy lights, there’s something about the quaint charm in these tiny spots of light. When used correctly, fairy lights can change the entire mood of your space, and, as the name suggests, add a touch of magic.

white LED fairy lights

Source: sparklesandstretchmarks 

Fairy lights in the garden

These wonderful little lights will instantly transform any garden, adding a touch of festive charm to special occasions, or creating a magical atmosphere for those summer evenings outdoors with family and friends. Pro tip: use solar fairy lights to eliminate the need for external power sources. These lights require 8 hours of sunlight to charge fully, by having them in your garden anyway, you won’t even have to think about it, practical and beautiful. 

solar fairy lights

Source: alwaysintrend 

You can take the idea to the next level by housing your lights in mason jars as quirky upcycled lampshades.

Fairy lights in the bedroom

Now who said these lights are only for communal areas? White LED fairy lights add an air of charm and magic to your boudoir, when placed correctly. Try weaving or draping the lights along bed posts and drapery, or incorporate net fairy lights for your little haven. 

net fairy lights

Source: pinterest 

LED lighting MitB

Source: leecarolineart 

Bunching up your string lights provides a beautiful accent and you need not worry about burning the drapery as these LED lights emit very little heat. They’re also great power savers to boot.  

fairy lights

Source: cosmopolitan 

Why not highlight your precious memories by turning the string lights into novel photo hangers, this also makes for a wonderful night light. 

LED fairy lights

Source: awesomeinventions 

Or you could get creative and make words or even pictures, with white LED fairy lights your only limitation is your imagination.

Fairy lights in the home

Truth be told, fairy lights look good in any area of the house, adding charm and ambiance, while highlighting the interesting areas. 

solar fairy lights MitB

Source: lights4fun 

Save space in smaller abodes by creating this lovely fairy light Christmas tree, directly on the wall. 

net fairy lights  MitB

Source: andieconn 

Your home décor can be highlighted anywhere, all it takes are a few extra lights. A world of magic awaits you.

LED lights

Source: lights4fun 

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