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Great Gifts for the Kitchen


5 fantastic gifts that will make the kitchen even better.

You know that Magic in the Box has everything you could need in terms of  novelty gifts and health and beauty gifts, but did you know that there are plenty of amazing gifts for the kitchen available on the website, too? If you know someone that just loves to spend time in the kitchen, gift shopping will definitely not be a problem for you.

With everything from novelty gifts for the kitchen to items that will help serious bakers and chefs, the Magic in the Box website is the best place to shop for your friends and loved ones, or to treat yourself.

Here are some of the fantastic items available for the kitchen:

Brochette Express with 16 Stainless Steel Skewers

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This clever kitchen tool is the perfect way to make brochettes in minutes. Just place meat, vegetables, or fruit in the base of the maker, insert the stainless steel skewers through the layers, and then cut into cubes using the slots in the maker’s sides. Remove the lid and you’re done.

Hand Operated Stainless Steel Pasta Maker

novelty gifts pasta

This device is perfect for chefs who love to make food from scratch. This pasta maker clamps to the edge of kitchen counters or tables, to stop it from moving during its operation, and has various settings. You can make solid sheets for lasagne, or you can shape the strips into fettuccini or spaghetti.

Ferris Wheel Cupcake Holder

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For bakers who just love fantastic presentation, this Ferris-wheel cupcake holder is the perfect gift. It adds a fun flair to cupcakes, and makes them easier to serve.

Four-tier Chocolate Fountain with Heated Basin

health and beauty gifts

For those with a sweet tooth, and taste for different treats, this chocolate fountain is ideal. With a built-in heater, this chocolate fountain melts chocolate and keeps it at the perfect heat. Ideal for all sorts of parties and get-togethers, this gift is sure to go down a treat.

Retro Cotton Candy Maker

novelty gifts candy

Beautifully styled to look like and old-time carnival candyfloss maker, this mini cotton candy maker is a great addition to the kitchen. This is great for kids’ birthday parties or just for a delicious alternative to popcorn for movie nights.

So, if you’ve bought everything from the  health and beauty gifts section on the Magic in the Box website, consider some of these excellent gifts for the kitchen.

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