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Sprucing up the home with Magic in the Box products


They say change is as good as a holiday, and nowhere is this truer than when it comes to home décor. You’d be amazed at the difference a few well-placed accessories can make to your home. With the addition of mood lighting and a well-chosen wall canvas print, you can transform an entire room; breathing new life into the space. We’ve rounded up the top Magic in the Box accessories, guaranteed to spruce up your home.

Moon light 

home décor

Moonlight is the ultimate mood lighting. Why not add a touch of ethereal charm to your little one’s bedroom with the Moon Light. Not only does the light replicate the gentle light of the moon, it incorporates 12 light up functions, mimicking the real thing. You can even set an automatic function to match up the Moon Light to our very own satellite outside. Truly the ultimate night light for any child’s bedroom. The Moon Light is easily hung up on any wall and requires 4 AAA and 2 AAA batteries, so you’re sorted during load shedding.

Keep calm London themed wooden wall clock 

home décor clock

 Keep calm and include this funky décor piece to your home décor today. A wall clock is a tangible accent to any room, and this daring clock is sure to be a winner. This wooden framed, battery operated, clock is a sure fire addition to any dining room, hallway, home office, kitchen, or even bar.

Home sweet home metal wall clock 

home décor Magic in the Box

 In keeping with the time pieces, your home décor simply isn’t complete without this vintage inspired wall clock. Bless your home and you’ll never go wrong.

3 Panel Black And White Zebra Canvas 

wall canvas print

With bold graphic lines, this 3 panel wall canvas print is the perfect conversation piece, your home will not look the same. And, since they’re already stretched on a wooden frame, the process is just that much easier. Ideal for any room.

New York Taxi No1 

wall canvas print Magic in the Box

A bold choice for any room, this striking wall canvas print of a traditional New York cab will spur the wanderlust in all of us. Stretched on a wooden frame, and both mould and moisture resistant, this print will spruce up any and all rooms, you can’t go wrong.

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