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Staying Safe with Magic in the Box Security Products


5 gadgets that put the ‘pro’ in security products.

Let’s face it, ever since Sean Connery first introduced his most famous character in the ‘60s (Bond, James Bond), it’s been pretty cool to have a lot of safety gadgets at hand. The fact that we sort of need them nowadays is just an added bonus (if you’re a glass half full kind of person).

So, if you wear evening dress to the beach, carry pepper spray canisters at all times, and pretend you’re receiving secret messages every time you change the time on your watch, the following products are for you.

16 Channel HDMI DIY CCTV Kit

security pepper spray

With all those acronyms you’ll certainly feel like a spy during the Cold War, but those spies wished they had this kind of technology. With night vision, internet backup, six different operational modes, and 3G phone viewing, you’ll be far more prepared than Bond.

2 X Self Defence Spray

pepper spray canisters

This set contains two pepper spray canisters, and is the perfect form of self defence for women and men. Effective from up to three metres away, this self defence spray is sure to thwart the plans of any evil-doer that comes close.

GSM Auto Dial Alarm System Kit

auto dial alarm system

This handy, and very intelligent, auto dial alarm system is perfect for home security. Largely automated, it doesn’t require lots of configuration, and the fact that it is wireless just means there’s much less to trip over while you’re trying to look suave.

Self-defence Baton, Stun-gun, Flashlight

self defence pepper spray

Sometimes the best form of defence is a good offence, and this multi-purpose gadget is the case in point. The blinded, stunned, and beaten attacker lying at your feet will be longing for the sweet sound of police sirens as he wonders why he ever decided to mess with you.

Door Stop Alarm

door stop alarm

Spy gadgets are all about compact efficiency, which is exactly what characterises this handy doorstop. Aside from stopping intruders form opening your door, this doorstop also sounds an alarm which will deter the intruder and alert those within earshot.

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