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Studies Prove it, Crafts are Good for Kids



As a parent, you always knew it to be true, a well occupied child is a smart child. Studies have found that stimulation through craft work and colourful  kids toys is beneficial for your little one’s mental development. Through trials we have found that active crafting and experimenting with art has had an even greater effect on children than merely playing with kiddies toys.


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Through engaging with arts and crafts, children learn to flex those creative muscles and develop invaluable visualisation skills. Bright colours and patterns are visually stimulating as well. Added bonus: arts and crafts provides a wonderful opportunity for bonding time with your child, as these tasks can be shared, giving moms and dads precious time to learn about their precious bundles.

Just imagine that feeling of accomplishment for your little one when they complete a task right before your very eyes.



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Of course, kids have lower attention spans than adults, at first. Try and use your arts and crafts time to further develop this as well, encouraging longer spells of concentration. By starting off with simple and easy to accomplish projects, you can keep them interested, plus enjoy the added benefit of absorbing their own sense of accomplishment. This will spur them on to more complex projects and activities. Try starting off with finger painting projects, progressing onto decoupage activities and cut and paste tasks. These tasks develop visual processing as well as pattern recognition, skills which could translate to mathematics and problem solving later on in their development.

A nice alternative for slightly older little ones, or more advanced kids, are rainbow loom crafts.  Kids loom bands provide ample opportunities to develop creativity and visualisation skills, while engaging in fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination as well. You’ll have them engaging those hand muscles and learning to manipulate small objects in no time. These colourful bands become nifty fashion statements for little girls and boys alike. And you may even find your tween interested in kids loom bands for some pretty out there projects from bags to dresses. The possibilities are endless and the benefits are vast.

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