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The Coolest Doghouses in the World


In these cases, being in the doghouse is a good thing.

There’s something about the blank stares that dogs give us (while we repeat rhetorical questions in high-pitched voices) that we, as humans, just can’t get enough of. And, as long we scratch under their chins as we ask them who the good dog is, they seem to be okay with it. For centuries, people and dogs have had a special bond, which is why we insist on spoiling them, even though their love need not be bought.

So, you have a dog, or dogs, that you adore and have bought enough  doggy toys and pet accessories to last a lifetime. But you need something that will show your dog your appreciation of its companionship and act as a place to store all its pet toys all in one go. The answer: a doghouse.

However, just in case splurging on a great doghouse doesn’t just land you in the metaphorical doghouse, you want something with a lot of room that will keep out the elements. While some of the dog residences on this list don’t quite meet those requisites, they’re pretty great places to stay anyway. And, after all, your needs are secondary to those of your best friend, aren’t they?

Here is a look at some amazing doghouses that will store a heap of doggy toys and make your dog’s tail wag like a windmill: 

pet toys

This is definitely the way to go if you think you might be roommates with your dog from time to time. Heaps of space, a human-sized door; and it’s perfect if your dog is a Jane Austen fan.

pet toys dog house

The only thing that would make this doghouse cooler is if it was placed in the centre of a grassy field – one in which wild flowers sway gently in the light breeze. The dogs could spend all day lying in the sun and then come home to the smell of home cooking… hmmmm. What were we talking about again? 

doggy house caravan

This doghouse is perfect for the dog who dreams about life on the road. Or who would rather park this caravan in the Karoo where it could spend all day taming wild ostriches. Chasing mynah birds out of your garden will have to do. 

doggy house porch

The problem with so many South African houses is that we don’t have proper porches for our porch-dogs to lie on. Solve this problem with this handy doghouse, which could also work as a stylish beach house for coastal dogs. 

doggy toys tent

Give your Saluki a taste of home with this fantastic tent. It looks like it would be right at home on the plains of Persia, set up next to a silk-laden camel. 

doggy toys garden

This is actually the doghouse that Paris Hilton built for her dog, but why shouldn’t your dog have the same benefits in life? This multi-storey house has various rooms, including a closet for those totally fetching pet accessories. 

dog toys mansion

If your dog aspires to one day live in upstate New York, this is the perfect doghouse for the time being. Also, with two storeys and an attic, there is plenty of room for pet toys.

Main Image credit: My Modern Met

Images: Creative Can 

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